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How Durable Are KKR Solid Surface? The Light Ageing Test Reveals All!

Ever wondered why some materials fade while others don’t? Or why your kitchen countertop/bathtub/wash basin/vanity top/shower tray still looks brand new after years? These questions are more important than you might think.

Light ageing tests are the unsung heroes behind durable materials. These tests measure how a material reacts to light over time. For industries like construction and interior design, this is crucial.

So why should you care? Because we’re about to dive into a test that could redefine quality standards. We’re talking about a recent light ageing test conducted by KINGKONREE.

Why Are Light Ageing Tests So Important?

Color Different After UV Test

You’ve probably heard the term light ageing tests but might be wondering, “What’s the big deal?”

Light ageing tests are specialized tests that measure how a material’s color and structure change when exposed to light. For products like solid surface materials used in countertops, wall cladding, and more, these tests are vital.

So, why is this test a cornerstone in material science? Because it directly impacts the Colour Fastness to Light of a material.

What Is Colour Fastness to Light and Why Should You Care?

Colour Fastness to Light is a term that might sound complex, but it’s pretty straightforward. It refers to how well a material retains its color when exposed to light. In simpler terms, it’s about how long your countertop or wall will keep its original color.

UV testing equipment

Understanding Colour Fastness is not just for scientists or manufacturers; it’s for anyone who cares about long-lasting quality. If your material scores high in Colour Fastness, you’re looking at a product that won’t fade easily. That means more value for your money and a longer-lasting aesthetic appeal.

KKR Light Ageing Tests

Light Ageing Test By Years

comparison for cheap resin and ISO resin

Six years can reveal a lot, especially when it comes to the quality of solid surface materials. In a long-term study, we found striking differences between samples made with different resins. The sample made with cheaper resin not only changed color but also aged significantly compared to the one tested under ISO standards.

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UV testing result after 7 days

During the 168-hour test period, all specimens were kept in a temperature range of 40-50 °C, using UV equipment specifically designed for material aging and yellowing tests. The results were eye-opening!

We tested two samples: #Black 11 from KKR and #Red 1 from another manufacturer. The difference was clear:

  • #Black 11, made with high-quality resin and pigment, showed only slight yellowing, proving its superior quality.
  • On the other hand, #Red 1, made with cheaper resin and pigment, displayed significant yellowing, clearly falling short in comparison to #Black 11.

Light Ageing Test By SGS

KKR has partnered with SGS, a global leader in testing and certification, to conduct our latest light ageing tests. This collaboration ensures that our tests meet the highest industry standards, offering you products you can trust.

Following is our test report details:

Test By SGS
Test Report
Test by ISO Standard
Hardly to see color different after tested

In case you don’t have time to read, there is a Light Ageing Test Report Summary Basic Details

Report Number: XMIN2212009569CM

Test Date: January 11, 2023


Material Tested: SOLID SURFACE

Timing Sample Received: December 14, 2022

Testing Started: December 14, 2022

Testing Ended: January 11, 2023

What Was Tested? The primary focus of the test was to examine the “Colour Fastness To Light” of the Solid Surface material.

How Was It Tested? The test followed ISO standard methods, a globally recognized set of procedures that ensure accurate and reliable results.

Key Points to Note

Material: The test was conducted on a ‘Solid Surface’ material.

Duration: The material was tested over a period of about one month.

Standard: ISO methods were used, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy.


We hope this deep dive into our Light Ageing Test Report has been both enlightening and reassuring. The rigorous testing, especially in collaboration with SGS, underscores our commitment to delivering only the best solid surface materials. Whether it’s the minimal yellowing in our #Black 11 sample or the stark contrast with #Red 1, the results speak for themselves.

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