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What Do KKR Products Look Like After Their 10-Year Warranty Period?

For those unfamiliar with us or encountering our brand for the first time, there’s often a curiosity surrounding solid surface materials. We proudly boast of a 10-year warranty for our products. But does the quality truly hold up for a decade? What can one expect after those 10 years have passed?

Surprisingly, during a recent visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this month, we stumbled upon an 11-year-old KKR solid surface table in a restaurant. A year beyond its warranty, the table stood as a testament to durability and timeless beauty. It was as robust and radiant as if it had been crafted just the day before.

A Serendipitous Discovery

Strolling through a local eatery, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted a KKR solid surface table that our team had lovingly crafted back in 2012.

Eleven years had passed, and yet, here it was, gleaming as if it was just out of our workshop. The sense of pride and exhilaration was palpable among us.

Reliving the Memories Through Pictures

To convey the magic of this moment, I’ve put the pictures of this table in 2012 here. The comparison is nothing short of amazing. It’s as if time decided to stand still for our creation, preserving its radiance and charm.

A Feast Filled with Nostalgia

We simply couldn’t resist! Sitting at this eatery and relishing the local delicacies felt like a trip down memory lane. Every bite, every moment was imbued with a sense of accomplishment and nostalgia. It was a delightful blend of the past’s craftsmanship and the present’s joy.

The KKR 10 Years Warranty

All KKR products come with a 10-year warranty, this table’s impeccable condition after 11 years speaks volumes about the longevity and quality we embed in every creation. At KKR, we pour our heart and soul into what we craft, ensuring that our creations don’t just serve a purpose but also tell a tale of dedication, passion, and excellence.

In Conclusion

A warranty is a promise, and our products consistently prove that they’re built to last even beyond our guarantees. That 11-year-old table is a testament to KKR’s unwavering commitment to quality.

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