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What’s KKR® Solid Surface?

Are you in search of a surface material that combines strength, beauty, and environmental sustainability? Does the idea of seamless, versatile design spark your interest? If so, have you considered the potential of KKR® Solid Surface?

KKR® Solid Surface is a breakthrough in surface design technology. Constructed from a blend of over one-third acrylic resin (PMMA) and over two-thirds natural minerals like Aluminum TriHydrate (ATH), this non-porous, homogeneous material has demonstrated remarkable durability and versatility since its launch in 2000.

The extraordinary characteristics of KKR® Solid Surface extend beyond mere physical strength and aesthetic charm, demonstrating exceptional environmental credentials that make it a leading choice for environmentally responsible design initiatives.

What Makes KKR® Solid Surface an Environmentally Conscious Choice?

Produced with a rigorous manufacturing protocol that minimizes waste and conserves energy, KKR® Solid Surface has achieved a remarkable feat – Zero Landfill status, ensuring no waste from its manufacturing process reaches the landfills. This accomplishment illustrates the commitment of the Kingkonree International China Surface Industrial Co., Ltd to environmental sustainability.

How Does KKR® Solid Surface Enhance Aesthetic Appeal in Design?

KKR® Solid Surface is synonymous with aesthetic versatility. Offering an array of solid, textured, and translucent colors, this material caters to a diverse design palette. It is also armed with the innovative DeepColor™ Technology, facilitating easier fabrication and improved wear resistance for darker, denser shades.

The translucency of KKR® Solid Surface is particularly striking, especially in lighter shades and thinner sheets. This quality has inspired designers to create spectacular lighting effects and even fabricate lamps. KKR® Solid Surface also allows for sublimation printing with digital designs, extending the boundaries of design possibilities.

Is KKR® Solid Surface a Hygienic and Safe Material?

Being a non-porous material, KKR® Solid Surface inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, making it an exceptionally hygienic choice. Its superior hygiene performance has received certifications from reputable institutions like SGS, Intertek and TUV.

KKR® Solid Surface also qualifies as non-toxic. It does not emit gases under normal temperature conditions, and even when burnt, it mainly releases Carbon Oxides. The smoke generated is optically light and does not contain toxic halogenated gases. Due to these properties, KKR® Solid Surface is extensively used in public areas, and sensitive environments like hospitals, airports, and hotels.

What Makes KKR® Solid Surface a Practical Choice?

KKR® Solid Surface can be likened to hardwood in terms of workability, making it suitable for a vast array of design and installation scenarios. It can be seamlessly glued together, enabling limitless design possibilities and preventing any delamination.

The surface is also easily maintainable and renewable. Even damages caused by misuse can be restored on-site using ordinary mild abrasive cleansers and a scouring pad. The material is thermoformable, enabling the creation of various 2D and 3D design objects.

KKR® Is One of Leading Solid Surface Manufacturers in China

In summary, KKR® Solid Surface represents a remarkable evolution in surface design technology, seamlessly merging resilience, aesthetic appeal, and environmental consciousness. Whether it’s an urban design project or a rural renovation, KKR® Solid Surface’s strength, design versatility, hygiene, sustainability, and practicality makes it a highly commendable choice. Opting for KKR® Solid Surface means investing in a high-quality product and contributing to a sustainable future.

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