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Top 5 Solid Surface Bathtub Manufacturers in European

Have you ever wondered where to find the best solid surface bathtubs in Europe? What makes these manufacturers stand out in the crowded market of bathroom luxury? How do they combine craftsmanship with modern designs to create the perfect bathing experience?

Europe boasts an array of top-tier manufacturers specializing in solid surface bathtubs, known for their durability, sleek designs, and innovative features. These companies are renowned for blending artistry with functionality, offering a range of products to suit diverse preferences and styles.

These manufacturers not only lead in quality but also in environmental sustainability, setting trends in the bathroom fixture industry. Their products are a testament to European excellence in design and manufacturing.


Website: agapedesign.it

Founded year: 1973

Location: Mantova, Italy

Hot Selling Products: Spoon, Vieques

Advantages: Artistic designs, Customizable options

Company Profile: Agape from Italy has redefined the concept of bathroom spaces with its artistic and unique designs. Since 1973, Agape has been at the forefront of luxury bathroom design, offering bathtubs that are not just functional but also works of art. Their commitment to craftsmanship and bespoke designs make their bathtubs a favorite among those who value aesthetics and personalization.


Website: roca.com

Founded year: 1917

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Hot Selling Products: Insignia, Virginia

Advantages: Wide range, Innovative features

Company Profile: Roca, a key player in the global bathroom market, originates from Spain. Known for their wide range of bathroom products, they have a special focus on innovation and design. Roca’s solid surface bathtubs are celebrated for their modern features and diverse styles, catering to a global audience with a penchant for contemporary bathroom aesthetics.


Website: duravit.com

Founded year: 1817

Location: Hornberg, Germany

Hot Selling Products: Starck Tubs, D-Code Bathtubs

Advantages: High-quality material, Contemporary design

Company Profile: Duravit stands as a symbol of high-quality bathroom ceramics and furniture. With over 200 years of experience, this German manufacturer brings together exceptional design and innovative technology. Their solid surface bathtubs are favored for their modern, sleek lines and ergonomic comfort, reflecting a commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

Antonio Lupi

Website: antoniolupi.it

Founded year: 1950

Location: Stabbia, Italy

Hot Selling Products: Baia, Biblio

Advantages: Innovative materials, Custom designs

Company Profile: Antonio Lupi, an Italian brand, is synonymous with luxury and innovation in bathroom design. Founded in 1950, they have made a mark with their custom-designed bathroom pieces. Their solid surface bathtubs are celebrated for their use of innovative materials and personalized designs, offering a unique and luxurious bathing experience.

Victoria + Albert

Website: vandabaths.com

Founded year: 1996

Location: London, United Kingdom

Hot Selling Products: Barcelona, Amiata

Advantages: Quarrycast material, Elegant designs

Company Profile: Victoria + Albert, based in London, is celebrated for its elegant and luxurious bathtubs made from Quarrycast, a unique material. Founded in 1996, they have quickly risen to prominence with their classic yet contemporary designs. Their bathtubs are known for their exceptional warmth and depth, offering a tranquil and indulgent bathing experience.

KingKonree – The Leading Manufacturer for Solid Surface Bathtub

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