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Shenzhen Sanitary Ware Markets | Ultimate Guide

When planning a business trip to Shenzhen, China, especially for those interested in the bathroom sanitary ware and building materials market, it’s essential to know the best places to visit for sourcing products, networking, and gaining insights into the latest trends.

Shenzhen, being a hub for manufacturing and innovation, offers various markets and trade centers tailored to these needs.

Shenzhen, a dynamic and modern city in southern China, is known for its rapid economic growth and as a major technology hub. Bordering Hong Kong, Shenzhen is part of the Greater Bay Area and plays a crucial role in China’s economic landscape. The city is administratively divided into several districts, each with its own commercial specialties and market dynamics. Shenzhen’s districts are particularly noted for their diverse range of markets, including those specializing in sanitary ware and building materials.

Here’s a list of top markets and trade centers across different districts in Shenzhen that are noteworthy for businesses in the sanitary ware and building materials industry:

Luohu District

image 10
image 10

Luohu is one of the oldest and most developed parts of Shenzhen, serving as a primary gateway between Hong Kong and mainland China. It’s known for its bustling commercial centers, shopping districts like Dongmen Pedestrian Street, and the Shenzhen Railway Station. Luohu is a hub for trade and retail businesses.

Tianbei Building Materials Market(田贝建材市场)

Specialty: This market is well-organized with a clear layout of different types of goods across floors. The ground floor mainly deals in premium tiles, sanitary ware, mosaics, marble, glass, and garden products. The second floor features lighting, kitchen cabinets, home appliances, wardrobes, wallpapers, carpets, wooden flooring, doors, windows, ironworks, stairs, hardware, false ceilings, curtains, and paints.

Location: 1-2F, Tianbei Garden Commercial Complex, Wenjin North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Highlights: Ideal for brand-specific showrooms due to its moderate shop size and well-planned space.

Da Shi Jie Building Materials Market(大世界建材市场)

image 1
Shenzhen Sanitary Ware Markets

Location: 1005 Wenjin North Road, East Gate, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Bailima International Kitchen & Bath Center(百利玛国际厨卫中心)

image 2
Shenzhen Sanitary Ware Markets

Specialty: High-end kitchen and bath products including imported brands. It spans across 32,000 square meters with the first and second floors dedicated to imported bathroom brands, ceramics, and hardware. Floors three to five offer high-end kitchen cabinets and appliances, while the sixth floor houses a design center and premium offices.

Location: 4002 Baoan North Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Wufang Home Decoration Materials Plaza(五方家居装饰材料广场)

image 3
Shenzhen Sanitary Ware Markets

Specialty: This plaza hosts a vast range of products including ceramics, sanitary ware, decorative hardware, kitchen appliances, home decor, lighting, textiles, wallpapers, doors, staircases, suspended ceilings, paints, stone processing, stainless steel, and other renovation materials. It is among the largest and most diverse home and building material shopping centers in Shenzhen.

Location: 211 Taining Road, Tianbei Area, Luohu District, Shenzhen

Futian District

image 9
image 9

Futian is the administrative and financial center of Shenzhen, home to the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It features modern skyscrapers, the Convention and Exhibition Center, and a high concentration of corporate headquarters, making it a pivotal area for business and governance.

Century Center Home Plaza(世纪中心家居广场)

Highlights: Over a decade, it has evolved from a home store to a diversified conglomerate featuring high-tech and cultural industries. Located at the intersection of Shennan Avenue and Xiangmihu Road, it showcases a vibrant development in line with Shenzhen’s urban growth.

Location: A068, Century Center Home Plaza, Intersection of Xiangmihu Road and Shennan Avenue, Futian District, Shenzhen

Red Star Macalline Global Home Life Plaza(红星美凯龙全球家居生活广场)

image 4
Shenzhen Sanitary Ware Markets

Specialty: One of Shenzhen’s largest one-stop international home experience plazas, covering 120,000 square meters. It enjoys a prime location in Xiangmihu, surrounded by upscale residential areas, attracting a wealthy clientele.

Location: Red Star Macalline, Xiangmihu Community, Xiangmihu Street, Futian District, Shenzhen


Specialty: Known for its extensive selection of domestic and international furniture and building materials. Positioned close to major landmarks like the Convention and Exhibition Center, it serves as a central hub for home improvement in Futian.

Location: Intersection of Fuqiang Road and Shazui Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


Specialty: Established in 2003 and part of the aerospace technology sector, this market offers integrated home decoration solutions, emphasizing reliability and trustworthiness, typical of a state-owned enterprise.

Location: Bagua Fourth Road West, Futian District, Shenzhen

Nanshan District

image 8
image 8

Nanshan is recognized for its educational and technological industries, hosting Shenzhen University and many high-tech companies, including Tencent and ZTE. This district is also famous for its affluent residential areas and cultural sites such as the Window of the World and Shekou, a popular expatriate area.


Location: Beside the Bin Hai South Interchange, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Bonny Space Building Materials and Furniture Market(博耐建材家具市场)

image 5
Shenzhen Sanitary Ware Markets

Specialty: Bonai Home Plaza emphasizes high-end, fashionable living styles and hosts both international and domestic top brands, covering over 45,000 square meters. It’s designed to satisfy one-stop shopping needs for decorative materials and upscale furniture.

Location: 9039 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhe

Bao’an District

image 6
image 6

Bao’an was originally an industrial zone but has transformed into a district with a diverse economy that includes manufacturing, logistics, and a rapidly growing service sector. It is also home to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, which enhances its importance as a logistics hub.


Location: Intersection of 107 National Road and Liutang Road, next to Xixiang Plaza, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.


Location: 96 Jian’an First Road, Xiangbin Plaza, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

Xinfu Decoration Materials Market(新福装饰材料市场)

Specialty: Occupying an area of 43,000 square meters with an investment of about 40 million RMB, this market features 300 shops on the first floor and a 16,000-square-meter area on the second floor dedicated to displaying branded decoration materials from Guangdong. The market is designed with connecting corridors between each building and is equipped with ample parking and green spaces, making it one of the largest and most upscale home decor material markets in Shenzhen.

Location: 69 Baocheng Entrepreneurship Second Road, near Kingway Brewery, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

Fubang Mangrove Bay International Furniture Plaza(富邦红树湾国际家具广场)

Specialty: This plaza covers an impressive 190,000 square meters of land with 180,000 square meters of operational space. It focuses on mid to high-end furniture and home decor brands, showcasing hundreds of thousands of items across various thematic zones such as panel furniture, soft furniture, children’s furniture, office furniture, and classical furniture areas.

Location: Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

Longgang District

image 7
image 7

Longgang is one of the largest districts by area in Shenzhen, known for its manufacturing bases and vast urban villages. It is a rapidly developing district with a mix of industrial zones and newly developed residential areas, making it a significant player in Shenzhen’s economic expansion.


Location: Next to Central City Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen.


Location: 18 Longping West Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Aijiale Decoration Materials City(爱家乐装饰)

Location: 1 Mawu Road, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Xing’anju Building Materials and Home Market(星安居建材家居市场)

Location: 10 Zhongcui Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Longhua District

image 11
image 11

Yantian is famous for the Yantian Port, one of China’s busiest and most important deepwater ports. The district is primarily industrial with a focus on logistics and export-oriented industries. It also features some tourist attractions, including Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches.


Location: Intersection of Longhua Avenue and Minwang Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen.

Wanzhongcheng Building Materials Square(万众城建材家居广场)

Specialty: Since its opening in 2001, this plaza has developed into a significant area of Shenzhen’s urban expansion in Longhua, covering 30,000 square meters with a total construction area of 65,000 square meters. The main building has three floors, with the first floor hosting 268 independent shops and the second and third floors serving as a 30,000-square-meter wholesale center for Xiangjiang furniture.

Location: Intersection of Bulong Road and Minzhi Avenue, Longhua Town, Shenzhen.

Fangxingli Furniture Plaza(方兴利家具广场)

Location: 197 Guanping Road, Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen.

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